If you do not know how to communicate well with others, you will not know how to convince or motivate. If you do not know how to communicate, you will be ill-informed and you cannot effectively manage or control” (Robert Papin)

CatEmocions has an extensive catalogue of communication services, ranging from the most traditional ones such as press releases, which convert the enterprise, product or service into news, to the most innovative and necessary online and new technology-based services. We are talking about what is known as 2.0 communications, and above all, the social media. Very often, micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, independent contractors and institutions lack the know-how or the time to adequately cover their needs in these areas, and CatEmocions offers absolutely all the possible solutions.


  • We prepare and send out announcements to the mass media – press, radio, television and internet and prepare press conferences.
  • We create press releases, contact the mass media and follow up on information.
  • We create texts (interviews, articles, cover stories for magazines, newsletters and other publications).
  • Press kit.
  • We compile press clippings.
  • We develop communication plans.
  • We create, design and manage contents for websites, the social media and blogs.
  • We monitor current affairs.
  • Press office service, including:
    • The creation and mailing of press conference announcements and press releases to the mass media (greater contact with the media and follow-ups on the information).
    • Compilation of news pieces published in the press.
    • Graphic support.
    • Online management and follow-up.
  • Other options.
If you need a communication service, please send us your request and we will present you with a list of proposals and an estimate, ensuring that everything is tailored to your specific needs.