CatEmocions develops new tourism products specially designed to motivate and activate companies and institutions that operate in the economy of emotions, experience and identity.

Our company serves tourism accommodations establishments (hotels, rural accommodation, etc.), restaurants and caterers, as well as the direct-sale producers of agricultural food products, wines, hand-crafted products and specialised goods.

We offer personalised guidance and consultation for the companies and institutions to enable their supply to stand out above the rest, by enhancing the value of their intangible identity and that of their surroundings.

We conceptualise the tourism routes, packages and products that contribute to increasing tourist spending and overnight stays and at the same time set an excellent example of sustainable tourism.

CatEmocions works together with a number of different inbound tourism agencies that hold the keys to the solid marketing of the product in the target outbound regions, to ensure a warm and welcoming quality service for holiday visitors.

CatEmocions is fully prepared to manage these routes and products in ongoing collaboration with its agencies, guaranteeing their effectiveness, their renewal and maximum user loyalty.

We have a number of professional co-workers that form part of the academic world: diplomats in tourism, economists, geographers, historians, environmentalists, marketing experts, architects, journalists, designers and other professionals who are available to address different facets of the challenges involved in converting a quality service supply into a service supply with added value. A change that comes about when the given service is contextualised to form part of a story that guarantees emotion and experience.

What’s more, we also have an extensive network of contacts that enable us to interact with other companies that may potentially become collaborators, providers or clients.

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